Thursday, September 16, 2010

Monumental Events since my hiatus from blogging......

So much has happened since I stopped blogging regularly I have decided to do a little review...

The biggest event was in December when we closed escrow on a home. We are so excited about our house, but it has been a LOT of work! When we got it there was green carpet and mustard walls in the entire house. The walls have since been painted and we have put in Mahogony floors on the main floor and recarpeted the upstairs. Now we are in process of finishing the basement. When we are finished, we'll have an 8 bedroom 3 1/2 bath home. This means everyone has their own room! THE KIDS ARE LOVING THAT!
The colors before
New floors and paint!
The newlook in the livingroom/formal dining area
The kitchen after

We were excited to debut our new home to the Stanger side of the family at reunion time.
Papa Nick even made a surprise appearance!
It's really hard to get 4 five year olds and a three year old in a cousins picture!


Uncle Eric taught Jacob to ride his bike without training wheels!
Kloe loves her cousin Kaden SO much!

This cutie is Lucas. Jonah and Kayleigh were his cousin buddies!
Tyler is always willing to strike a pose. I love this kid, he's a blast!
Papa Nick and Tyler at the Olympic Museum
Jon and his brothers and sister in order from oldest to youngest:
Jon, Nicole, Danny, and Eric

THEN......June 4th
JARED GRADUATED! (On Kami's 23rd Birthday no less!)

My Mom, Grandma, and Bestie Lauren all came to town for the event!
Special thanks go to all of them for subjecting themselves to the Stanggang lifestyle on CRACK!
(It was seriously insane!)

My Mom and Grandma liked our afternoon up Mill Creek Canyon.

A special thanks to Janae for taking Jared's senior pictures!

We have also been blessed with a summer filled with special friends coming from near and far to visit!

After Mom, Gram, and Lauren left we got to see my friend Dawn and little guy REW for a few weeks.
 They came all the way from South Carolina!
We had fun at the sidewalk chalk fest, sprinkler park, Herriman Days parade and carnival, the sprinkler park, and several other fun places.

We introduced REW to red snowies which he LOVED!

The same day Dawn and Rew left to go stay with Ang and Mike my best friend since kindergarten came. Uncle Donnie is a crowd favorite!
The guys took him shooting, we introduced him to the PIE pizzeria, saw a bees game and more! I think everyones favorite activity with Uncle Don was blowing stuff up! Fireworks aren't legal in California so we made the most of our ability to purchase them in Utah.
 (We may have accidentally had some illegal Nevada ones on hand too!)

While Don was still here our old neighbor and friend Tiffany came to stay with us! Her sister Jennifer didn't make it this time because she has a job now!
We had fun at the Days of 47 parade, fireworks, several trips to the lake with Jonah's kayak,
the copper mines, a few movies, hikes, feeding the local horses, and exploring Wheeler Farm.
Then, because summertime at the Camp stanggang is NEVER boring, after Uncle Don left, but while Tiff was still here....CALEB came to visit. Caleb is a friend from San Diego as well. Our families have been friends for 15 years or so thanks to a theater group (CYT) our kids performed in.
Too bad Caleb didn't use sunscreen at the lake!

We also had fun seeing our friend Mike from San Diego and his daughter Lydia who lives here in SLC.

Friday, September 3, 2010

It's been awhile!

Dear Sadly Neglected Blog,
It sure has been awhile. It's been almost a year since I've made a post. SO much has happened in that time. I started this blog so my parents could see what was happening in our lives and then my dad died. Without him reading my blog and my mom checking in on facebook I had a hard time coming here. It made me miss my Dad too much! I really have missed it though, so I'm ready to be back.

I will be adding pictures, changing the look of things, and bringing everything up to date. Check back soon, as "construction" starts tomorrow!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Cat on a stick (or should I say power pole!)

We are dog sitting a dog that is afraid of thunder, so we brought him home with us for the night since there was a storm. Unfortunately we have cats in our house. Our cat Jack DOES NOT LIKE DOGS! Needless to say when he saw the dog he got scared and ran up a power pole in the corner of our backyard. He was perched on the live power lines yowling for help when we found him. Calls to Animal Control, the Fire Dept., and the Power Co. were of no help. After taking the dog home, enjoying two nice burst of fairly heavy morning rain, and 5 1/2 hours of coaxing from two women on an extension ladder placed on a live power line pole in the rain, he finally crawled down far enough for Judy to reach him. This happened none too quickly. I'm not sure who was the most stressed in the situation, the cat, Judy and I, or the neighbor screaming over the fence for us to get down away from the power lines! I have to say the several birds who popped on the line a couple feet away from the cat just to taunt him did supply some much needed comic relief!

The Great Vitamin Caper

Yesterday morning I woke up early to find Jacob already awake and wandering the house. Soon after, he began complaining that he didn't feel well. After a brief interview with him I discovered he had eaten an entire costco sized jar of gummy vitamins. I quickly called poison control and was relieved to be informed that the worst thing that would happen would be explosive diarrhea and a tummy ache! Whew, another bullet dodged!

Roller skating

This week for Family Home Evening we decided our family needed to have some fun, so we went skating at Hollywood connection. We took our niece London with us too! The twins didn't enjoy the experience that much so they ended up sitting in the center of the rink watching for awhile. They had fun though. Poor Jon fell and bruised his hip. I am pleased to report I can still skate well and can even race around backwards! It was really fun and we hope to go again soon! Next time we will go to a family rink that lets the little guys ride on scooters!
Just 2 short days after we came home from Texas Kayleigh crashed her bike and flew head first into a parked truck. The end result was a severe concussion, and dehydration (from throwing up too much) that landed her in Primary Children's Hospital overnight. We received good care and she was actually sad when they took her IV out, she wanted to take it home to show her siblings!

Four Corners

On the drive home from Texas we stopped at 4 corners just to say we did! It was a bit expensive ($3 a person) and sort of lame, but the shops along the edge were cool and we bought a few neat things! We also can say we have all been in 4 states at one time! Here's some proof!